Conveyor Layout
and Design

Whether your plant is processing 10 tons or 2,000 tons per hour, profits can be gained or lost with an inefficient conveyor design.

Work with M.A. Bielski & Associates, Inc., to conceptualize and design transition areas to avoid bottlenecks while also optimizing speed and efficiency. In addition to design services typically found through conveyor manufacturers, you gain engineers who can calculate the speed and trajectory of materials as well as a multitude of miscellaneous details. Those calculations are factored into your single or multi-conveyor layouts.

Our design process includes:

  • General Arrangements
  • Component Selection
  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • Structural and Fabrication Drawings
  • Footing Design and Analysis
  • Complete Specifications

Regardless of capacity, your conveyor layout and design should flow seamlessly between plant, storage and loadout system. M.A. Bielski is your first call for all aspects of plant design and engineering.